“The line consists of an infinite number of points,…

the plane, of an infinite number of lines; the volume of an infinite number of planes; the hypervolume, of an infinite number of volumes… No–this more geometrico, is decidedly not the best way to begin my tale.”
(first line from Jorge Luis Borges’ short story, The Book of Sand)

As you might guess, the inspiration from today’s story draws from Borges’ The Book of Sand.  In that story, a man encounters a book, like an encyclopedia, but with infinite pages–if you turn to an illustration, you should look well because you’ll never be able to turn to that page again.  All the words rearrange and say something new every time you close the book.

I’ve wanted to use this idea for a kid’s story for a while, and I never quite knew how to attack it.  I’m not convinced I’ve done it properly here, but it’s a try.  I hope it doesn’t come across as too didactic, but rather more playful and bizarre.

Thank you, come again!

April — 29 The Book of All Books

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