“Their father never took them to resaurants,

because he though it was a waste of money when they could open up a can of beans, sprinkle on Tabasco sauce, stuff their bellies, and it would all shit out the same way anyway.”
(from Daniel Chacon’s and the shadows took him.)

I’ll start by saying I’m exhausted.  And rather than deliver a drawn out story of my long day, (which by the way was a very good day) I’ll just enumerate the reasons for my tiredness:

a: woke up at 5 am to run a half-marathon this morning

b: went to Newport Pizza and got pizza and beer (and got half a glass of an expensive Trippel because the keg blew just as she was pouring it for me).

c: rushed to make it to a poetry workshop which I planned for SDSU.  It was very inspirational, and thank goodness I had coffee to keep me going.

d: met Amanda directly after the workshop at Shakespeare’s Pub, had fish and chips and a Bass, then participated in the pub’s trivia night thing.

e: came home and watched The Lightening Thief, (which was vastly different than the book) while Amanda slept.

f: forgot that I haven’t blogged today, and figured I should post before it’s technically still the 25th.

Here’s today’s story.

April 25 — Pygmy

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