“No, the cat had not come back”

Although this isn’t the first line, it is among the first pages of Haruki Murakami’s Wind Up Bird Chronicle.

The genesis of this story is simple: our good friend, Brodie, has told us on several occasions that Amanda and I have a ghost cat living in our apartment.  Admittedly, I have never seen the ghost cat for myself.  However, this morning I half-dreamed that something had pounced onto the bed, something like a cat.  It kind of freaked me out for a few minutes, then I realized I probably had to write about it.

In fact, I’ve been having some very vivid dreams since embarking on the story-a-day.  Dreaming in narratives–like movies, with beginnings, middles, and ends.  At least that’s how they feel at the time.  I always wake up thinking I’ve just dreamed a perfectly formed story…only to realize moments later that it’s wildly incoherent and perfectly void of logic.  None of this has to do with today’s story.

Thanks for keeping up–only one more week plus a day until April’s over and I can ice down my fingers from all the typing!  Hope you enjoy today’s story.

April 22 — Ghost Cat

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  1. Brodie

    AMAZING!! I love it. I especially enjoyed how very unsure you made me about whether the cat was a ghost or not at the end– it really didn’t matter, it was all metaphorical and stuff 🙂 Genius work. I award you the Smile Ribbon and upgrade your ghost cat from indifferent to ambivalent. miss you and the Amanda!

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