Someone must have been telling lies about Josef K

…for without having done anything wrong he was arrested one fine morning.”
(first line from Franz Kafka’s, The Trial)

Coachella was a success!  I even got a little bit of writing done in between band sets and visits to the beer gardens.  To be perfectly honest, it wasn’t easy writing stories with so much going on.  Sure there were tons of interesting people and art installations, a place where you might think you could pluck stories out of the air…but the reality is, writing is a solitary act and it’s hard to get anything done when overstimulation is coming at you from all directions.  Not to mention the sheer exhaustion of the heat, the physical exhaustion from being on your feet all day, and a little sleep deprivation sprinkled on top.

I did do a lot of thinking about stories, though.  And I pretty much mapped out the first two stories presented below in my head.  I scribbled on my notepad a bit, but most of it was unusable for being wildly chaotic.  So much for going back to my roots and writing stories out in long hand.

The germ for the following story was the huge number of tattoos I saw at Coachella.  Some were humorous, some intricate, some confusing, some gorgeous.  At first I thought, what would happen if you had a 3-D tattoo?  And a story began to form.  But it quickly became evident that the tattoo being 3-D in my story was needlessly complicated, so I omitted that detail.  But the shell story around it remained.
April 17 — The Golden Tattoo

This next story is spawned by an actual event.  During the set of a band called Matt & Kim, a streaker flew past the stage and the two members of the band laughed their heads off.  They loved it.  In addition, I wanted to work with a not-quite-stable POV character, but one who is sympathetic.  I guess this is the result.
April 18 — Streaker

And this story, which is today’s story, was written over the course of about half an hour at the end of the day because I’d spent most of my time fleshing out and writing the previous two stories.  It’s another seven-line-story for the seven line competition I mentioned a few days ago.
April 19 — Crosswinds

And now, after submitting these three stories, I am back at par: it’s the 19th and I’ve written 19 stories.  This was the big hump to surpass, so hopefully the rest of the month will be smooth sailing and the stories will flow easily and be entertaining.

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